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Knights Tournament

  Once upon a time, in the Middle Ages, there were knights. A favorite pastime of the European chivalry were tournaments. Only the tournament battle could demonstrate to the public, and especially the ladies, their ability to wield weapons, horsemanship, courage and agility. After all, a real fight usually takes place without witnesses. Tournaments can be a family event in honor of the wedding or initiation in knights of the lord’s son. Big tournaments were prepared in advance and promoter of them was the king or large baron.


The Middle Ages are gone, but customs are still alive. Today, in Spain the tradition of knightly tournament remained in the form of a stylized show. The tournament are held in a medieval castle of Count Valtordera. Once in the castle - Count and Countess warmly welcome visitors and invite you to enter the tournament room, where the knights’ tournament will take place

 Рыцарский турнир  Рыцарский турнир

   On your eyes knights in the furious battle will show you their fighting and demonstrate the art of riding. As in the Middle Ages, the tournament full with emotions will be in front of you! During the tournament you will be offered a dinner, on the table you will not find cutlery, as during the Middle Ages spectators ate with hands! On the plate you will find: baked potatoes, fried chicken, pork ribs, grilled vegetables, bread, orange drink, mineral water, and wine which will be refilled once the glass is empty...


At the end of the tournament, Earl Valtordera invites guests in one of the rooms of the castle to the ball. There would be dancing to the live music and a great flamenco show, during which the charming dancers will carry you into a world of passion and fire. But not only artists will entertain you with their art, in Spain even horses dance flamenco!

 Рыцарский турнир  Рыцарский турнир

  This tour offers you the 3 hours of entertainment: two performances in one, with the best groups of Flamenco and Spanish dancers.



Cost: Adult ticket - 58 Euro

    Child ticket - 29 Euros


Schedule: Wednesday, Saturday