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Port Aventura

   Entertainment Park Port Aventura is located in the north-eastern part of the Spain, 100 kilometers from Barcelona. This is the most popular park in Europe with the attendance of over 3.5 million visitors a year. Port Aventura is divided into 6 thematic areas, walking through which you will see yourself right in the 5 areas of the world (6th area is an imaginative one created for children).

The Mediterranean

Right after you’ve stepped into the park you will be placed into a typical Catalan town. There is a cozy cafe with local cuisine and souvenir shops. The main attraction of the zone - "Furious Baco” catapult, which flings you at 135 km/hour in just 3 seconds!  There is also the North Station railway, from where you can go to the heart of the Wild West/ Far West.

 The Wild West/ The Far West

    In this part of the park all recalls times of America. Cowboy spirit, the American landscapes, home, music. Main rides in this area are: the Silver River Flume - water attraction, no one is leaving dry from this ride; Grand Canyon – water attraction, where visitors are invited to take a ride on the mountain river in a large inflatable balloon. Stampida - "American race", the only in the world train which is moving on the wooden rails.



Built in the spirit of the colonial Mexico, with the ruins and the Great Pyramid Maya, this part of the park brings you to the Mexican land. Here is one of the most popular attractions of the Park - Hurakan Condor. On it all the visitors will be able to experience the free-fall from a 100 meter tower. Another popular attraction El Diablo - Tren de la Mina is a deserted mine. Where the old train that transported the silver from the mine to the surface is still working for this ride.



The area of China can rightly be considered the most extreme. This is where you will find the two most famous attractions: Dragon Khan and Shamballa.
On the Dragon Khan Ride there are 8 loops to pass at the speed of 100 km/h!    

The Shambhala ride is relatively recent, but it’s already well known. Shamballa - is the highest ride in Europe (the highest point - 76 meters), so it is also the fastest! Just imagine a ride from 76-meter at a speed of 136 km / h! Wow - breathtaking! :)


In this area many restaurants with Chinese cuisine can be found as well as there are colorful shows happening on the streets all the time.



The most beautiful part of the park: stunning waterfalls, beautiful lakes, palm trees and lianas, charming sounds of the drums and fire shows. The uniqueness of the Hawaiian Islands is presented in this amazing zone!

    The epos zone Sesame is pleased to take the smallest guests Port Aventura. Fish, helicopters, color Pinnacles, heroes of any fairy tales and suggestions - children will be happy!


The park is well planned, all areas are easily found, plus at the entrance to the park you can take a free map and a guidebook which will help you in the explorations of the Port Aventura.


In addition to the day visit to the Port Aventura there is also a night trip - Fiesta Aventura. Apart from the above described rides it includes a final show where representatives of all areas will be performing and at the midnight closing you will see the grand fireworks show.


Cost: Adult ticket - 65 Euro

     Child ticket - 55 Euro


Schedule: Monday - Friday, Sunday