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LuxTour - Spanish tour operator which operates on the territory of Catalonia, Andorra, Italy and France welcomes you!


We invite you to spend your summer vacation in Spain on the Costa Brava in the legendary town of Lloret de Mar. This Mediterranean city is known as a fashionable European resort. Lloret de Mar is rich in culture and traditions as it has a long history of more than 2000 years.


The city itself is located in a natural resort that for many years gets an award from UNESCO for the ecologically clean cost. It is here that you can find centuries-old pines descending the cliffs to the sea.


This place has everything what can only be dreamt of: beautiful city with a rich cultural heritage, stunning beaches, comfortable hotels, extensive excursions, restaurants with excellent Mediterranean cuisine. Also many well-known figures come from this region: Antoni Gaudi, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Jose Carreras and Montserrat Caballe. And last but not least, Lloret de Mar is located close to Barcelona, ​​France, Italy and Monaco, which gives you a unique opportunity to visit another three countries and a city of art and architecture.





Alva Park Hotel 5 *


   It impresses its guests with a luxurious spa and an outdoor pool. The hotel is located 80 meters from Fenals Beach in Lloret de Mar. Guests can stay in spacious suites, equipped with speakers and Bang & Olufsen flat-screen TVs. It offers a gourmet restaurant and a Japanese restaurant that serves sushi and fresh fish. On Saturdays, meals are served in the garden, filled with flowers. Breakfast is served a la carte.


 Отель Alva Park  Отель Alva Park

 Отель Alva Park  Отель Alva Park


Santa Marta Hotel 5 *


 This sea-facing hotel is located at the edge of the Santa Cristina beach at the beautiful woodland area of ​​5.5 hectares. The beach is just 200 meters from the hotel and can be reached by walking through different paths, surrounded by a variety of trees.


 Отель Santa Marta  Отель Santa Marta

 Отель Santa Marta


Rigat Park Hotel 5 *


    Rigat Park Spa Hotel with spectacular views of the sea is located between Rigat Park and the Febals beach. Rigat's rooms are decorated in a rustic style and feature beamed ceilings. All are soundproofed and equipped with a flat-screen TV. It overlooks the park and the sea.
Guests of Rigat can enjoy the outdoor pool with some underwater music and solar heating. As well as visit a solarium, a snack bar or relax by the pool on the green terrace. Spa facilities include: hot tub, sauna and Turkish bath. In addition, on-site fitness center. During summer time, guest can enjoy bar on the open air and from June to September barbecue by the pool.


  Отель Rigat Park  Отель Rigat Park

  Отель Rigat Park  Отель Rigat Park





   1. Walking tour in the historic center of Barcelona

  Готический квартал 

You will visit three coastal district of Barcelona which formed the historical center of the city: Ribera, the Gothic Quarter and Raval. You will see: the most beautiful Gothic church in Barcelona - Santa Maria del Mar, the street Moncada, Santa Caterina Market, King’s Square, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral, and the Palace of Güell.

We will make few stops to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a glass (or maybe two) of red/ white Spanish wine, to feel the spirit of the Catalan capital. Then we will have a lunch at the famous restaurant Assador de Aranda, where the signature dish is a milk lamb.



  2. Modernist Barcelona


   You will see the creation of the great Antonio Gaudi, Hospital of the Holy Cross and Saint Paul.  The complex of Sant Paul: in the past - an outstanding hospital and in the present - Heritage of UNESCO. This is one of the few places that is untouched by tourists. Beautifully restored modernist ensemble, striking the imagination not only by size (an entire city block), but also by its magnificence.

 Барселона Модернистская

  After the viewing we will have lunch in the Terre de Alta Mar restaurant, enjoying Mediterranean cousin at the bird’s flight height.

 Обед в ресторане Terre de Alta Mar  Обед в ресторане Terre de Alta Mar

 Обед в ресторане Terre de Alta Mar  Обед в ресторане Terre de Alta Mar


    After lunch we continue our tour, and at the evening will see a great show of light-music fountains.





3. The ancient Roman city of Girona and Besalú


   Town covers an area of ​​only 4.82 square kilometers, but has a rich past.
The first center of Besalú was a medieval castle, which towers over the river Fluvia. In 997, the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere in Besalú was founded, which became the second largest building in the city, as well as the major religious and cultural center in Catalonia. To get to the town one must pass a bridge which became a landmark of the place. In 1996, Besalú was declared Cultural Heritage of Spain!



   There you will get acquainted with the remarkable monuments of Romanesque architecture. Later we will have our lunch at the Pont Vell restaurant, opened since 1981, recommended by Michelin guide.


 Обед в ресторане Pont vell  Обед в ресторане Pont vell



  4. The Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres


   Salvador Dali is known all over the world, do not miss this excellent opportunity to become more acquainted with the life and work of the extravagant dreamer! Theatre-Museum in Figueres presents his famous paintings, drawings, etchings, sculptures and unique jewelry. 


 Музей Сальвадора Дали в городе Фигерас



    5. House-Museum Salvador Dali in Cadaques.

  Сальвадор Дали 

I have had a wonderful time, as always, in this ideal and fantastic village of Cadaqués; there, at the side of the Latin sea, I have quenched my desire for light and color; I have spent the sultry summer days, painting like mad, trying to translate the incomparable beauty of the sea and sun-beaten shore” – said Dali. Cadaques is where you truly can feel the souls of Dalí and Gala.



    6. Saint-Tropez, a fashionable holiday destination.

   After visiting the Houses – Museum in Cadaques, the boat trip to Cape Cross will await us.   The duration of the boat ride along beautiful Costa Brava will take approximately 50 minutes.


    7. The sacred mountain of Montserrat and the Torres winery.



Do you love exciting and educational journeys? Have you always wanted to visit the holy places? Then this tour is for you! We will go to the sacred mountain of Montserrat - a symbol of Christianity and the place of the Spiritual Force! The sacred mountain of Montserrat, in its importance, took the 3rd place after Jerusalem and the Vatican.

Here the Holy Virgin of Montserrat can be found, for more than 1000 years pilgrims are turning to it with the requests and the innermost wishes. And if they are fulfilled, people vow to rise on foot to the top of the mountains, which is 1236 meters above the sea level! And once you are there, take a look at the hill side, you will notice people climbing up through the narrow paths, that sight might make you believe that Madonna indeed grants wishes.


 Священная гора Монтсеррат


    Afterwards the Wine tour will begin which includes tasting in the old wine company Torres.

 винодельческое предприятие Торрес  винодельческое предприятие Торрес

 винодельческое предприятие Торрес  винодельческое предприятие Торрес


    8. South of France: Collioure - Tuir – Vilfranche includes tasting of oysters at the oyster’s farm!

The town of Collioure is on the list of UNESCO, as this place is surrounded by landmarks, on one side - the Kings of Majorca Castle of the XVI century, and on the other - the parish church of Notre Dame des Anges XVII century with a beautiful carved altar.

Colourful longboats are the signature of this historic fishing town where you can taste the most delicious anchovies in the Mediterranean!

Collioure attracts artists, poets and writers from all over France and Europe. It was visited by Renoir, Monet, Rusilo, Picasso, Dali and Coco Chanel. In Collioure, at the hotel "Tampleri" in the early XX century lived and worked Henri Matisse who paid with his painting the hotel’s fee.

Beautiful road among gardens and vineyards will lead us into a small charming French town Tuir where in 1873 was registered trademark Byrrh. Currently the company has about 800 oak barrels with a total capacity of 40 million liters.

After we will see Vilfranche village which lies in a picturesque valley and surrounded by a fortified wall of the XVII century. The fort can be reached by going up the 875 steps.



9. Knight tournament and flamenco show.


    Once upon a time, in the Middle Ages, there were knights. A favorite pastime of the European chivalry were tournaments. Only the tournament battle could demonstrate to the public, and especially the ladies, their ability to wield weapons, horsemanship, courage and agility. After all, a real fight usually takes place without witnesses. Tournaments can be a family event in honor of the wedding or initiation in knights of the lord’s son. Big tournaments were prepared in advance and promoter of them was the king or large baron.

The Middle Ages are gone, but customs are still alive. Today, in Spain the tradition of knightly tournament remained in the form of a stylized show. The tournament are held in a medieval castle of Count Valtordera. Once in the castle - Count and Countess warmly welcome visitors and invite you to enter the tournament room, where the knights’ tournament will take place. After that show you will be witnessing a real Spanish flamenco dance over a glass of sangria.

 Шоу фламенко и рыцарский турнир  Шоу фламенко и рыцарский турнир

 Шоу фламенко и рыцарский турнир  Шоу фламенко и рыцарский турнир


10. Sailing at the sea.


Traveling on a yacht - it is perhaps the most romantic and exciting marine adventure. Nowadays, yachting in Spain is growing more popular and already became a very trendy and fashionable activity. The favorable mild climate, the sun and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea create the most comfortable conditions for practicing this type of active sport. If you want to rent a yacht in Spain, we are pleased to offer you a variety of options, arrange a photo session or a romantic dinner at the open sea. 

 Путешествие на яхте  Путешествие на яхте


    11. Golf


    Spain - a paradise for golf, experienced instructors will teach you the game in the best fields of Spain PGA Catalyna.


  Golf  Golf


Luxury, comfortable transport is provided for all excursions!
After experiencing our high-class vacation, you will want to come back here again and again, we promise you many great memories and an unforgettable experience!


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With love,

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